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Composite Decking

Wood Flooring Sales offer Composite Decking products in London and the entire UK. Composite decking technology is over 20 years old. Composite is defined as a mix of different materials in a finished product that represents a number of benefits not possessed by the individual ingredients. When made of the optimum ingredients, the composite is far superior to ordinary wood for horizontal use outdoors. The composite has a long service life compared to ordinary wood, requires no annual maintenance in the form of sanding, covering, coloring, oiling, etc. Neither does it rot, split, crack nor force screw heads up. There are also major benefits when it comes to lying, as composite can be laid much faster and more often with much less waste time than for ordinary wood. Composite decking exist in fashionable pastel colors that can give a modern contemporary and preside look of your garden, terrace or roof spaces. The planks are long and comes in two “face“look so in case you get bored of the wide slits or narrow ones you can turn the planks and have a brand new look of your decking.

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