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Ash Engineered Flooring

Wood Flooring Sales offer ash engineered flooring products in London and the entire UK. The properties of this type wood hard, heavy, ring porous look  and prominent grain that resembles oak, white to light brown color makes it one of best-known species. Ash burls have a twisted, interwoven figure and make this product great for both residential and commercial properties bringing a cozy, warm finish.Ash engineered flooring – for the young at heart!Natural pearls color of the wood and its unique structure provides asylum ease of interior harmony and modern natural presence.Ash flooring in general is hardwearing floors .They are light and refreshing, and is often found sitting pride of place in modern, contemporary style homes. Don’t be fooled by its bright front, the striking color variation adds real weight and character. Ash is a beautiful, versatile wood. Not only is it strong, durable and flexible, but works perfectly to make smaller rooms seem a lot larger, creating space and adding a relaxed, airy atmosphere.

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