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Merbau Engineered Flooring

Wood Flooring Sales offer Merbau Engineered Flooring in London and the broader UK. Rich and with the minimal grain of this exotic wood, Merbau is a distinct take on wood flooring the perfect look to contemporary interiors. The Merbau Engineered Flooring floor is suitable for all bedrooms, conservatories, dining rooms, hallways, kitchens, living rooms and utility rooms. With an engineered three-ply construction, Merbau Engineered Floring  is completely safe for use with underfloor heating. Merbau is a very wide-spread exotic wood. The fresh timber is yellowish but on exposure to light the color changes to a beautiful red, brown tone “with fine yellow flecks which darkens gradually over time. The exclusive Merbau has immense strength properties and it presents you a floor for life with its classic elegance. One of the distinctive properties of Merbau Engineered Flooring is,that the surface of the boards may have yellow "flecking" in the pores; thus, when finished, the wood may appear almost flecked with gold. One of the other benefits Merbau has: this type of wood is almost as stable as teak. And although comparable to hickory in strength, Merbau has a much lower density. It has excellent dimensional stability and is extremely immune to termites however sawing is difficult, and the use of carbide tools when working Merbau is recommended. It sands and finishes well and has good holding ability. Caution must be taken with Merbau, as contact with moisture or iron and ferrous metals can stain the wood black. Flooring is simply one of the many uses for this long-lasting wood..

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